Providing Direction

Geetha Ravishankar has been working in the field of social development for over three decades. She has a keen sense of design and visuals engendered by her academic background in architecture and planning and provides inputs to the design team at JMC.  She has and continues to study political theory and her knowledge provides leadership to the development of thought for JMC.  

Vimala Ramakrishnan
works closely as mentor with the field team and with the GRC team. She has over 30 years of cross-sector experience in social development that has contributed to her thorough knowledge of research methodology and expertise in capacity building skills.
Uma Seth is a Chartered Accountant with a Master's in Agricultural Economics. While managing financial resources of JMC, she is a resource person and  contributes to studies conducted by JMC.
V.J. Ravishankar, with over 30 years experience in applied statistics and economic analysis, practices consultancy in public finance and directs the knowledge generation activities of JMC.

Raghavan Srinivasan
is an engineering and management graduate. He has considerable work experience in the IT industry. He is an important resource person and heads the web team at JMC.

Madhavi Thampi
has been teaching in Delhi University’s Department of East Asian Studies for the last 30 years.  She specialises in Modern Chinese History and the history of Sino-Indian relations.  Her most recent publication, entitled China and the Making of Bombay, is on the role of China and the China trade in the early growth and development of Mumbai.  She has been associated with JMC since its founding in various capacities.

Padma Sankaran
is essentially a home maker. She is deeply interested in nature, Carnatic music, language and translation. She graduated from the Government Victoria College Palghat, taking chemistry, physics and zoology as subjects. She is able to put into practice more than seven decades of life experience in the activities of the Centre
Subha Sankaran works in the non-profit sector in Canada in the areas of health equity, community and organizational development. She builds on knowledge and experience gained through 15 years of teaching Sociology in Delhi University. Subha has been involved in the work of the Centre, especially in its formative years, and continues to be interested in its activities and future directions. She holds degrees in Economics and Sociology.